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Trident has specialised in Yacht Clubs for many years and currently provides protection for over 100 Clubs across Australia. Some of the products available as part of the scheme and their features are listed below:

Property Insurance

Providing cover for Fire and Perils including accidental loss or damage on buildings and contents (including docks, wharves and jetties).

When packaging an insurance solution, Clubs may also choose the following and other additional sections of cover:
  • Burglary – Theft of Club Property
  • Glass – Replacement Costs
  • Business Interruption
  • Money – Cover For Loss of Funds

The Trident Yacht Club Scheme property section is available either in a Business Insurance Package format for smaller clubs or Industrial Special Risks for larger clubs.

The Trident Yacht Club policy automatically includes additional protection against flood and storm surge.

Yacht Club Scheme Proposal

For full details contact us.


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