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Worker’s Compensation Related to Psychological Injury to Rise

February 19, 2016

The Australian Financial Review recently reported that worker’s compensation claims linked to psychological injury might increase in the near future.

The prediction originated from an Australian employment lawyer, who highlighted the recent claim of a Police Administrator. The administrator in question received worker’s compensation for a minor disagreement in the workplace.


Worker’s Comp awarded over minor workplace disagreement

According to the AFR, worker’s compensation was awarded to the administrator from the Australian Federal Police as a result of a disagreement relating to a workflow chart shown in a meeting in Canberra in 2014.

The administrator expressed she had not seen the chart prior to the meeting, so would not be open to discussing it during the meeting. The manager stopped the meeting and sent the administrator an email expressing disappointment.

As a result of the situation, the administrator said she felt unwell, nauseous and had back pain later that day.

Deputy President Gary Humphries ruled the administrator’s employment significantly contributed to her ailments, and awarded compensation.

What are the implications for employers?

Psychological claims in the workforce are not solely limited to workers’ in the public sector. This is why it is vital that employers take out comprehensive worker’s compensation cover, which includes protection against psychological injury.

In some cases, a successful worker’s compensation claim for psychological injury entitles an employee to:

  • A fully paid salary for the first 45 weeks they are away from work; and
  • 75% of their wage, and medical and pharmacy expenses, until they come back to work or retire.

Of course, psychological injury is a very serious issue. But given the increase in media-attention around psychologically driven claims, it makes sense to ensure your worker’s compensation is in order.

Contact us getting a competitively priced worker’s compensation policy for your workplace. We can also review your existing policy to ensure it is comprehensive and competitively priced.


How to Protect my Home against Fire

February 5, 2016

Fire danger is high this time of year in Australia, and it’s unfortunate that we’ve already experienced severe blazes in Waroona, Western Australia and the East Coast.

Bush fires cause inexplicable property damage to the lives and property of people involved. But what happens when a fire occurs in suburban parts of Australia?

Last month a home on Wellington Street in Mosman Park, Western Australia went up in flames after rags combusted and caught fire. The 2-storey property was just 2-weeks away from being fully renovated when the fire took place.

$6 million in damage occurred as a result of the fire. The owners were said to be relieved they were not living in the home when the fire occurred. Head here for the full story.

Protecting your home against fire

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) offers advice on how to protect a property from the risk of fire.

  • Ensure mains powered smoke alarms are installed.
  • Have an escape plan ready, and practice it with members of your family.
  • Use a licensed installer or qualified trades person for security and heating systems.
  • Use a mesh screen guard to stop sparks and debris falling from open fires.
  • Regularly clean your chimney and flue to prevent ash and soot build-up.
  • Don’t leave food unattended when cooking.
  • Don’t leave burning cigarettes unattended.
  • Don’t leave children with candles, lighters or matches.
  • Buy extinguishers and fire blankets that are Australian standard.

For more home fire safety tips, please visit the DFES website.

Fire Insurance for your home

Most comprehensive Home Contents Insurance packages will include cover for fire. If you’re not sure whether your existing insurance policy includes this, please contact our office. We will review your policy, and we will also assess whether more competitive insurance options are available.

If you’re not covered for fire damage at home, we can source a competitive Contents Insurance option that matches your needs. Find out more here or contact us today.



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