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10 Most Expensive Insurance Losses since 1970

September 18, 2015

When disaster strikes, it’s often the aftermath that can impact people the most. Although the initial shock of the traumatic event is over, people are still left to take stock, rebuild and support those who need it most.

Unfortunately, this can be difficult when resources are low, and when power and other infrastructure systems are down. It can also be difficult when a disaster hits a large number of people. When this happens, insurance companies are inundated with claims, and in many cases, they must prioritise the most vitally important ones first. In many cases, this is a matter of life and death.

Although it’s impossible to put a dollar figure on any natural or manmade disaster, it does shed light on what is required to build a community back up, after a tragic event occurs.

This list of the top 10 biggest insurance losses in recent history, goes some way towards shedding light on the impact of natural and man-made tragedies.

10 Biggest Insurance Losses (1970 to 2014) Insurance Loss Table - Blog

Source: Insurance Information Institute

For more detailed information, please head to this website.

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10 Most Ridiculous Insurance Policies, ever

September 4, 2015

Most people understand why it’s important to have insurance for things like travel, business and home and contents – but what about moustaches? Or legs?

We couldn’t resist compiling our own top 10 list of the weirdest things insured by people around the world.

And before you ask, yes, they’re all actually true. We couldn’t make these up if we tried.

1. Chest Hair

Congratulations is in order for Welsh crooner Tom Jones, who successfully had his chest hair insured for a few million.

2. Taste Buds

In 1957 Hungarian-born food critic Egon Ronay insured his taste buds for $400,000. At the time, he was one of the most renowned food critics in the world.

3. Buck Teeth

British comedian Ken Dodds insured his teeth for a cool $7.4 million. He believed they were integral to his performance, and the insurance company thought so too.

4. Middle Finger

This one’s not what you think. Keith Richards had his middle digit covered for $1.5 million simply because he needed it to weave magic on his guitar.

5. A really Long Cigar

A little odd, but Lloyd’s of London covered a 12-foot cigar, which held the world-record for being well, really long.

6. Alien Abduction

Some forward-thinking people have had ‘alien abduction’ successfully added to their life insurance policy. True.

7. Immaculate Conception

Biblical insurance policies are said to be popular with females called Mary. Insurance insiders say there are about 100 of these in existence.

8. Legs

Plenty of celebs have had their legs insured, but not many have been covered for up to $47 million. This achievement goes to Michael Flatley AKA Lord of the Dance.

9. Falling Coconut

A doctor published a report in 1984 titled ‘Injury due to falling coconut’. Afterwards, a UK travel company insured themselves against the risk. One successful claim was made.

10. The Loch Ness Monster

A Whiskey Company in Scotland offered a $1.5 million reward for the Loch Ness Monster’s capture. Then they took out a policy to cover themselves against anyone finding it.

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