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The Corporate Travel Insurance Secret you Need to Know

August 21, 2015

Many business owners don’t realise that if they’re covered under Corporate Travel Insurance, they’re automatically covered for every business and personal trip taken within a given year*.

If you’re a business owner, this includes some members of your family too.

We’re sharing this with you because we’ve noticed many people take out travel insurance every time they depart on a business or family holiday. This takes up a lot of time, and isn’t very affordable.

What you need to know

  • A comprehensive Corporate Travel insurance policy covers you for every single trip you take.
  • You only need to declare your travel on an annual basis, which is far easier than doing so every time you take a trip.
  • This cover includes personal and business trips.
  • The cover includes your spouse or partner and dependent children.
  • CEO’s and other key staff members in a business are included too. (See the list below for more detail on this one.)

Corporate travel insurance – great value cover

Corporate travel insurance is surprisingly affordable, especially given the breadth of cover available to you, your staff and your family members. Here’s what our Corporate Travel Insurance offers people:

  • Age limit for Corporate Travel Insurance holders increased to 100 years.
  • No exclusion for financial collapse of an entity. (Under Cancellation, Curtailment and Loss of Deposits.)
  • Additional expenses cover included for travel within Australia.
  • Death (by specified sickness) is covered for $50,000. This includes heart attack, cardiac arrest, pulmonary embolism, stroke, malaria and dengue fever.
  • A ‘journey’ includes private interstate and overseas travel for Company Directors, CEO’s, CFO’s and Controllers, General Managers, Senior Managers and Company Secretaries of the insured, including any accompanying spouse, partner or dependent children.
  • Cover for loss of reward points, under Cancellation, Curtailment and Loss of Deposits.
  • Hire car excess includes the cost of returning a hire car, and vehicle expenses on a journey.
  • No Terrorism Exclusion, but includes a limited War Exclusion.

To find out more about corporate travel insurance options, talk to our broking professionals.

* Of course, this will depend on the terms and conditions of the policy you take out. Contact Trident about securing a policy with the features described in this blog article.


Cyber crime – the biggest threat to Australian Business?

August 7, 2015

Cyber crime attacks are costing Aussie businesses $1 billion a year, according to an unclassified report by the The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).

The report states that cyber crime in Australia has increased by 20% over the past year, making our nation one of the worst victims of online threats. As a result, the Australian Government seeks to raise awareness around the issue, especially for business owners.

According to the report, the businesses most likely to be targeted by cyber crime are from the following sectors:

  • Banking
  • Energy providers
  • Communications providers

Right now, Cyber Insurance is one of the fastest growing kinds of insurance in Australia.keyboard2

What does this mean for my business?

Nearly every business in Australia now relies on the Internet for day-to-day functioning. And in this modern age, more and more businesses are choosing to store critical information on online storage systems called the ‘Cloud’.

It is possible for hackers to access your business’ digital information. In some cases, they may attempt to ransom this information back to you at a high price. Or they may even release the information and damage your company’s reputation.

Having critical data compromised is a serious issue for any business. Despite this, business owners in Australia tend to overlook the risks associated with cyber crime.

Protecting against the risks of Cyber Crime

Australian business owners are generally diligent about covering physical assets, such as equipment and buildings. But many business owners are yet to catch up with the risks and threats associated with the digital revolution.

The Insurance Council of Australia recently warned Australian business owners that they could not afford to ignore cybercrime any longer.

How insurance helps

Luckily, protecting your business and staff from the impact of cyber crime is as simple as taking out the right Cyber Insurance Policy, and implementing effective risk management procedures.

We can recommend a Cyber Insurance Policy that suits your business’s needs and budget. The cost of this initial meeting is covered by us. During the meeting, our insurance specialist will discuss your requirements. Then we will use this information to pinpoint a Cyber Insurance Policy that protects your business and saves you more.

Contact Trident Insurance to schedule a consultation.


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